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COVID-19 Protocols at CCM

To keep our community safe and to ensure that we are able to continue to carry out our ministry on campus during this pandemic, we ask everyone to adhere to the following protocols when visiting the Catholic Student Center or attending our liturgies or other events.

  • Stay home if you are sick or experiencing any symptoms of COVID-19
  • Limit 8 people upstairs common area; 12 in the chapel
  • Practice social distancing, staying at least 6′ apart
  • Wear face masks whenever indoors or outdoors if social distancing cannot be maintained
  • Wash and/or sanitize hands upon entry to our building
  • CLEAN UP AFTER YOURSELF – we will be regularly disinfecting all high-touch surfaces, including tables and counter tops, so these areas must be kept free of clutter. Wash and put away anything in the kitchen you may have used (cups, utensils etc.) or use disposable items.
  • Be polite and considerate to others!

Until further notice, our 4:00 pm Sunday Masses are being celebrated at Hillside Grind Coffee House to allow room for greater social distancing, and being live streamed on our Facebook Page. See here for more information.

Our Small Group Bible Studies continue to be offered in person and online, with masks and social distancing required for those participating in person.

Our campus minister, Deacon Matt Newsome, is available to meet remotely online or in person (mask required). Click here to schedule meeting time.