Student Life

Catholic Campus Ministry is a home away from home for many of our students. The Catholic Student Center & Chapel is open every day during the week. Students often drop by to spend quiet prayer time in the chapel, visit with friends, study, do homework, talk to the campus minister, or relax by the fireplace with a cup of coffee. Our student center is equipped with a full kitchen, smart TV, coffee bar, and is well stocked with snacks and good Catholic books.

The programs and activities we offer are designed to help students grow in discipleship by focusing on the following areas.

EVANGELIZING efforts are designed to foster an encounter with Jesus Christ that leads to authentic interior conversion. These efforts are the missionary dimension of catechesis (General Directory for Catechesis 58). We encourage our active students to evangelize others on campus through personal invitation and building relationships.

ESTABLISHING student in the faith through catechesis initiates them “into the knowledge of faith and apprenticeship in the Christian life” (General Directory for Catechesis 56).

EQUIPPING students to live the faith by helping them to discover the unique gifts and charisms given them by God, and help them to discern their particular vocation. “Catechesis nourished not only the life of faith but equips it to explain itself to the world” (General Directory for Catechesis 85).

ENGAGING the wider world around them: It is important that our students, once evangelized with the gospel message, established in the faith, and equipped with knowledge of their charisms, go out and engage the world. They become the evangelizers.

These goals are accomplished in many ways in our community, including Sunday Mass, catechesis, fellowship dinners, small group Bible studies, retreats, peer ministry leadership training, service to the community and more!