Over the summer break, our campus minister will be putting out a series of podcasts. We’re calling it “CCM Summer School” but hopefully it will be more enjoyable than sitting in a classroom on a beautiful summer day! We hope instead that it will serve as a way to learn a little more about our rich Catholic faith over the summer months.

During the Summer of 2019 we will be looking at Church history — specifically about the different heresies the Church has dealt with since the beginning of Christianity, and how the Church’s response to these challenges led to what Blessed John Henry Newman called the “development of doctrine.”

Or, to put it in the words of St. Augustine:

For while the hot restlessness of heretics stirs questions about many articles of the Catholic faith, the necessity of defending them forces us both to investigate them more accurately, to understand them more clearly, and to proclaim them more earnestly.

St. Augustine, City of God

It is in the spirit of understanding our Catholic faith more clearly so that we might proclaim it more earnestly that we will be looking at the major heresies of the first fifteen hundred years of Christianity.

Episode 1: Heresy (an introduction)

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Episode 2: Gnosticism

CORRECTION: Towards the end of this podcast I start to say that St. Irenaeus mentions the Gospel of Judas in his work, Against Heresies, but then correct myself and say it was Eusebius and St. Cyril of Jerusalem. Well, it turns out that my first impulse was right! St. Irenaeus does indeed mention the Gospel of Judas by name. Eusebius and St. Cyril mention the Gospel of Thomas. My apologies for getting these sources mixed up!

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Episode 3: Arianism

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Episode 4: Pelagianism

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