Join us on Discord!

We’ve added another means of gathering and communicating as a ministry this semester. Catholic Campus Ministry at WCU now has its own Discord Server!

What’s Discord?

Many students will already be familiar with Discord, but for those who aren’t, here’s what you need to know.

Discord was created as a platform for gamers to be able to communicate with one another in real-time as they played online. But people soon discovered it’s usefulness outside the gaming world. Discord has been used as a discussion forum for book clubs, various fandoms, and as a communication tool for friend and family groups.

One of our students shared that his extended family celebrated the holidays together this Christmas on Discord, with separate voice channels designated for all the different rooms in his grandmother’s house, enabling family to gather in the “kitchen” or “dining room” to visit with one another.

A Discord server can be subdivided into different text and voice channels for discussion. Text channels are like other online discussion forums you may be familiar with, with people posting messages and sharing links. Voice channels allow people to talk in real time with live audio and video feeds. On our campus ministry server, we have a text channel for general discussion and one for making prayer requests. We have a voice channel called “Living Room” where students can hang out to visit with each other, and one called “Chapel” where students can pray together. More channels can be created as needed.

You can use Discord on your computer or your smart phone, and there is no cost to join. We hope you’ll find it a useful means to connect with our ministry.