The Power to Forgive

2nd Sunday of Easter (Divine Mercy Sunday)

In my message for Easter Sunday I wrote about how Christ overcame the most serious problem that we all face — death. But Jesus doesn’t just treat the symptom. He gets to the root of the problem. To truly conquer death, Christ had to take away the cause of death, which is sin (see Rom 5:12). This is why at each and every Mass we say, “Lamb of God, you take away the sins of the world, have mercy on us…”

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Death Where is Your Sting?

Easter Sunday of the Resurrection of the Lord

Death is a big problem. It’s the only problem, in fact, that really matters. The average college student, feeling young and immortal, doesn’t spend a lot of time thinking about death. Your whole life stretches before you. Why ponder death? After all, there are more pressing concerns.

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Entering Into Christ’s Sabbath

Palm Sunday of the Lord’s Passion

Apart from the procession with palms, the long gospel reading of our Lord’s Passion makes the Palm Sunday Mass quite memorable for most people. The rubrics of the Mass for Palm Sunday even specify that the homily should be kept short — not to “make up time,” but because the gospel reading is really meant to stand on its own. Palm Sunday invites us to enter into the Lord’s Passion in a contemplative way — to experience it as an event rather than a lesson. The Passion is not a parable. It is our God giving himself to us fully and freely in love.

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“Speakin’ with a Deacon”

A Protestant student interviews our campus minister

A few months ago a WCU student from a Protestant background sat down for a chat with Deacon Matt. They discussed the Catholic faith, the way Catholics worship, what we believe about the saints, prayer, marriage and sexual morality, and some of the many misconceptions people have about Catholics. Have a listen!