Listening in the Silence

19th Sunday in Ordinary Time (A)

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Given the gospel reading this Sunday (Mt 14:22-33), it is tempting to focus on the faith of Peter. The disciples are sailing on the Sea of Galilee, a few miles off shore. During the fourth watch of the night (sometime between 3 and 6 AM), they see Jesus walking on the water toward them. They think it’s a ghost and so demand proof that it is Jesus. Peter says, “Lord, if it is You, command me to to come to You on the water.” So Jesus commands Peter, and Peter does indeed walk out on the water toward Jesus. But when Peter becomes frightened he immediately begins to sink. He cries, “Lord, save me!” Jesus reaches out and catches Peter, gently chastising him for his lack of faith.

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Pulling Back the Veil

Feast of the Transfiguration of the Lord

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If you pay attention, you’ll notice that the Catholic Church often uses veils. For example, it’s a traditional practice (no longer mandated) for women to wear a veil over their heads in church. In some parishes you’ll notice the chalice is veiled before the Eucharistic rite at Mass. Some parishes place a veil over the tabernacle. Granted, you may not see this done in every Catholic parish, but there are certain veils you will find in every church. The altar is always covered with an altar cloth. And even the priest, when he celebrates Mass, covers himself. He wears a white robe, called an alb, to cover any street clothing. And over that he wears the chasuble as a symbol of his priestly office.  These vestments are a type of veil.

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Campus Minister to be Installed as Acolyte

Next week, I and 14 other men in formation for the permanent diaconate, will be installed as acolytes by Bishop Peter Jugis at the Cathedral of St. Patrick in Charlotte. The rite will take place during the annual re-commitment Mass for permanent deacons serving in the Diocese of Charlotte, which will be celebrated at 6:30pm on Thursday, August 10 (the Feast of St. Lawrence). The Mass is open to the public, and students who are in the Charlotte area over the summer are most welcome to attend.

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